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We would liaise with the client during the initial consultation and discuss whether they would rather a seeded or turfed lawn. There are many facts to consider when making your decision, one of the main one’s being budget, as although seeding is the cheaper option, you must also consider soil quality, climate, location, maintenance and what the area will be used for eg. heavy traffic or for children to play in. We can also get specific grass mixes made to our client’s specification.


The main advantage in installing turf rather than seed, is that the area is an instantly usable lawn allowing an immediate finish. (Aftercare instructions must be followed, especially watering and allowing the grass to settle and bed in)


Seeding is the most economic option, particularly in larger or steeper areas, however it would take a full season of fairly intensive care to establish into a perfectly finished lawn. Again strict aftercare rules must be followed and the area needs to be kept free of traffic for a minimum of six weeks (dependent on growth) until the grass has come through and had its first cut with the deck of the mower being kept high for the first few cuts. This will help aid the lawns quick and strong growth.
Seeding requires the preparation of an extremely fine seedbed in addition to all the preparation works appropriate to both turf and seed, and it is also common for over-seeding to have to be carried out during establishment to infill any areas of weak germination. We fertilise the areas during this process and can also carry out fertilising to established grassed areas and can advise on the treatment and indeed carry out soil analysis samples if required to keep your lawn in its optimum condition.



prepped and seeded



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